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Higum M hidrauličke zaptivke


    Higum M is a company with 25 years of experience in the areas of construction, manufacturing, research & development and marketing of standard and non-standard hydraulic sealing elements.

    Our production program consists of hydraulic sets, U-cups, O-rings, static seals, scrapers (wiper rings) and special profiles. We manufacture our products from NBR, EPDM and SILIKON materials that have the material rigidity of 70-90 Sh in the standard program.

    Higum M's distinct characteristic is that it was able to effectively respond to all demands from the hydraulic sealing components market up to this day and for the most part because it possesses the human resources, technical and technological capabilities to meet all the challenges in the field of sealing technologies that will arise also in the future.

    In accord to that, the management's approach is that Higum M should compete on the global market in days to come by investing in education and development of all company's sectors to match the global product quality requirements.

<    Higum M is closely cooperating and working together with scientifc research and development institutes and widely recognized experts in fields of manufacturing, construction, testing as well as education of its own human resources with the aim of increasing product quality and engaging foreign markets.

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