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Weekly newspaper "Zrenjanin", from 06. february, 2004. (Issue: 2692)
Website: www.zrenjanin.org

Rubber seals with ISO 9001 quality certificate.
Last year was turning point for a Higum M's development.

Veselin Milosev and his sons, Zeljko and Zikica have arranged a joyful get-together celebrating the Regional Chamber of Commerce's Excellence Award.

On the photograph: Veselin Milošev and Miroslav Kostic, president of the Private Entrepreneurs Association's executive board (right).

Hydraulic seals manufacturing company "Higum - M" is the only small enterprise in our municipality that last year has acquired ISO 9001 quality certificate. Besides "Higum M", "Vojvodina - put" and "Proizvodnja Mile Dragic" - both very large companies have also acquired quality certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14000, respectively. That was the best recommendation to the Regional Chambers of Commerce that on the traditional New Years Gathering recognize and award the family enterprise owned by Veselin Milosev and his sons, Zeljko and Zikica for the improvements in technology, product development and successful expansion of production program as well as certified quality management system.

Milosev family organized a small festivity in the Private Entrepreneurs Association's head office that was attended by their business partners, Association members and local government representatives, president of Zrenjanin municipality Milan Cezek and president of Municipalities executive committee Goran Knezevic. President of Private Entrepreneurs Association executive board Miroslav Kostic has presented the excellence award to Veselin Milosev and wished the Higum M a prosperous future. He added that the Association has only five members with a quality certificate, which makes the Higum M's success even more momentous.

Weekly newspaper "Zrenjanin", from 16. january, 2004. (Issue: 2688)
Website: www.zrenjanin.org


Among the big industry names by product quality

Among the awarded enterprises on the Zrenjanin Regional Chamber of Commerce's gathering is "Higum M" - a small company owned by Veselin Milosev and his sons, Zeljko and Zikica. "Higum M" is the only small enterprise has last year acquired the ISO 9001 certificate in our municipality. Besides Higum M, quality certificates also obtained "Vojvodina - put" (ISO 9001) and "Proizvodnja Mile Dragic" (ISO 14000).

We really did not expect this award so that makes this recognition even more important to us. We are thankful to Private Entrepreneurs Association that nominated the "Higum M" to the Regional Chamber of Commerce - Veselin Milosev said.

As well as getting the ISO 9001 certificate, "Higum M" made this year a formidable step forward from manufacturing hydraulic seals only for agriculture industry to expanding toward foods, chemical, oil and water supply industries. We developed two new hydraulic seals product groups using the latest computer technology. These newly developed products were imported until now. We also worked more in the field of marketing and on acquiring more technical expertise. In that sense we were much benefited by our visit to the Munchen trade fair - Milosev said.

"Higum M" presented a few months ago its modern web site which made the company one of the extraordinary local enterprises that takes the orders over the internet. Family-owned enterprise has about 5000 products in its production program - about twice as it had two years ago. Plans for next year include development of two new hydraulic sets generations, which would - with the proved quality and affordable prices - allow "Higum M" to expand even more to the Serbian and markets of the former Yugoslav republics.

Weekly newspaper "Zrenjanin", from 3. october, 2003. (Issue: 2674)
Website: www.zrenjanin.org

Globally up to date

"Extensively investing in the development of new products and pursuing innovation in the field of hydraulic sealing "Higum - M" successfully manages global trends of the industry."

We are regularly in attendance of the following fairs:

Zrenjanin - INOCOOP 2003,
28.08. - 30.08. 2003.

Novi Sad - International fair of entrepreneurship and machines
23.09. - 26.09. 2003.


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