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    Quality management sertification is in progress.

    Demands from the markets and customers and the need for further development of Higum M led the company to begin with the introduction of quality management system by international ISO 9001:2000 standards into the present company business model.

    Higum M concluded the strategically significant project of building a strong quality management system and in august 2003. the company certified its quality management system.

    The total quality management system is established and it is functioning based on elaborated documentation. Responsibilities and authorities were defined in a way that every employee exactly knows what he is supposed to do. Our company succeeded in supporting the employees to express their initiatives and creative ideas and regularly provides them with new training opportunities.

    Development of new products along with the emphasis on teamwork, employee motivation and training, all aimed at constant improvement through appropriate quality management procedures are leading Higum M to business excellence and a leader position in sealing technology industry of Serbia.

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